I Promised


HAVE PROMISED to meet all your needs according to My glorious riches.  Your deepest, most constant need is for My Peace.  I have planted Peace in the garden of your heart, where I live; but there are weeks growing there too; price, worry, selfishness, unbelief.  I am the

Gardener, and I am working to rid your heart of those weeds.  I do My work in various ways.  When ;you sit quietly with Me, I shine the Light of My Presence directly into your heart.  In this heavenly Light, peace grows abundantly and weeds shrivel up.  I also send trials into your life.  When you trust Me in the midst of trouble, Peace flourishes and weeds die away.  Thank Me for troublesome situations; the Peace they can produce far outweighs the trials you endure.


    And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

    Philippians 4:19


   For our light and momentary trouble are achieving for us  an eternal. glory that far outweighs them all.      2 Corinthians 4:17


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