In Memories Of My Mother


Happy birthday mommy I can’t express how much I miss you, I long for one of your hugs, your kisses which made whatever I was going through not important.  Your legacy of love lives on in me and my sisters,  your grandchildren are loving reminders of how you raised us to love and how it’s a wonderful experience to being mother’s. Mommy it feels like yesterday that we watched you cross over into the Kingdom. When we where caring for you in your last week, we felt God’s love so very close to us, His presence filled the house. Heaven and earth had came in one accordance, can’t explain all the very special visitation that my mother spoke of, I knowing that no one physically came to visit. On November 12, 2006 Sunday morning when you crossed over into the Kingdom of God, such a warm peace came over the house. There is a great difference when a child of God is going to be with their Savior it’s the most beautiful event to celebrate their graduation into the Kingdom. I don’t have to say RIP. .because you are forever in the Presence of Peace and Love..I miss you mommy so much, I will see you again, I am living my life in the way you taught me to live.


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