Food for thought


Sometimes we have wilderness periods in our lives when God let us be shut up in a corner, as it were, and do little things that do not seem to count. But they count on us if they do not count anywhere else. There is one thing-and just one-that stands out above all other things in the human life, and that is faithfulness. No matter what our life may be, where we may be, now what is our situation, if we are just faithful it is sure to count, and to count a great deal. That is one thing that you can do: you can be faithful to the Lord. You can do what he wants you to do. You can live pure, holy, undefiled, and keep shining everyday, no matter what the circumstances maybe. Just remember to keep shining. That is the thing that counts. Keep living clean and as God wants you to live. If you do this, he will know where he can find somebody who is faithful when he wants something else done. But ever keep this before you: there is no greater nor more necessary work in the world than putting the truth of God into visible form in the pure and quiet life….


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