Come So Far By Grace



Father God, the Alpha and the Omega, Divine Indwelling Spirit,

Today I open my heart and my mind to receive the fullest blessings of this life.

I have come so far with God’s grace and the guidance of Spirit. I was broken and now I am healed. I was sad and I am now joyful. I didn’t know where I was going or what I would do yet through Gods grace I am on the path home. I am filled with peace and with
hope that the best is yet to come for me.

I am grateful for this journey. My heart overflows with joy for how my life is changed through the grace of God. I thank You for every brother and sister who has walked with me on this journey.

I know that miracle with continue to follow miracle and wonders will never cease in my life.


4 thoughts on “Come So Far By Grace

  1. Hello LaDonna,
    I always like your upbuilding posts including this one. Question: Are you addressing God as Mother? Or are you referring to Mother Mary? Please explain. And if you are addressing God as “Mother” please fill me in on what Bible reference could support this idea.

    • I am glad you caught that I was working on to many post and I put that in the wrong prayer.. I don’t pray to Mary or no other Mother.. Lol I serve and pray to Jehovah, Abba Father, The Great I Am!! Love you my brother and again thank you

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