My New Life


Heavenly and Divine Holy Spirit,
I know that You are the shepherd of my life. Your rod and staff gently keep me on the path to Truth.

I know that You are my waymaker. You keep my path as clean and clear as possible for the tasks that I must endure for my own growth.

I acknowledge that You are in all aspects of my life doing great deeds. You are the love of my life and I constantly seek Your face.

God, today I affirm You and the love, joy and peace that I desire more fully in my life. I know that all goodness comes from You and that it is my rightful place to have all that You have made available to me.

I now call into my life peace, joy, right and healthy relationships, financial abundance, a deeper understanding of my purpose here on earth and a prosperous and fulfilled life. I know that this is my divine inherent right and I come before You boldly, knowing that it is already done on my behalf and for Your glory.

I am grateful for the wonderful and purposeful life of freedom that I am living.

I am honored to be chosen for such a wonderful life. My gratitude runs so deep for my new understanding that I need do no-thing except accept that these things are so.

And So It Is!


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