I Am Not Alone

I thought for many years I was alone
and walked a lonely path with no presence of HIM. I could not see a reason to go on. I was saddened when my faith disappeared. I hurt so deeply and never wanted to accept it or show it.
For many years I cried “empty”. No one to touch, no one there to listen and no kind soul to take me and make me whole again.
I waited and waited but never spoke to HIM. Why? I will never know why I chose a path so lonely without HIM. All I had to do is ask HIM for help and he would have reached down and grabbed my soul.
Well the time was not right and we all know that you cannot force the Holy Spirit into your life.
As I helped others with their healing for years and tried to guide them to his light, I finally decided it was my time. I finally called out begging for HIS presence. For years I called and begged for HIM. I need you more than ever please show me you exist. Then one low day I screamed for help as I could not take the pain anymore.
I said Dear GOD in Jesus name, please walk with me and guide me through these terrible scary times I am witnessing right now. I am ready to lift my life up to you. If you really do exist please I pray show me NOW.
WOW I never felt a presence so huge before. I felt two hands reach down to hug me and my soul felt so warm again. I felt alive again. As I pray daily, I feel love and acceptance again. I AM NOT ALONE. When I chose to welcome Christ back into my life and walk with HIM daily was the day I realized I AM NOT ALONE.
When he shines down I realize theres love, hope and faith. I now choose to follow his word, and I talk to him in all my life choices.
As I walk through life witnessing all the beauty of nature I thank GOD for the beauty of life. I also always remember I AM NOT ALONE. When you find GOD you are not ALONE.
“I am not alone” Just believe!!!!!!


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