Just Caught In Life

Sometimes we find ourselves “Déjà vu-ing” the things we go through in life, coming back to face us again and again. But no one gets to the next “Level In Life” without first succeeding with a passing score so that we are WELL PREPARED for all that we will face in the next, Higher Grade. God uses these moments in our lives to teach us how to overcome and guide our footsteps so that we grow closer to him and learn more and more to depend on Him…… For Everything. ♥
It doesn’t matter what has happened in your life… what wrongs you have encountered by others… or how you’ve lived your life in the past. You have Absolutely NO REASON to walk around in shame with your head hung low, feeling sorry for yourself and not living your life in Happiness and Peace. Remember who “Your Father” is… and Accept His Gift. Remember this ………
God always places the RIGHT PEOPLE In Your Life at the Right Time In Your Life. Whatever it is you need, or Wherever it is you may be…. His FAVOR will find you. ♥


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