God knows

There isn’t ANYTHING You Have Been Through, that God is not aware of. He has kept count of Every Tear You’ve Shed… He has “suffered” right along with you and He Knows the Pain You Are Feeling. Your FAITHFULNESS will not go unrewarded, and He Won’t Disappoint You… Get Ready For A Brand New Beginning! Count it all joy when you are found in a place in life where your trying to figure out what is really going on. When you feel like all you can do from day to day is just pull your self to hold on, trying not let go of all you have left in you to fight.. I have found my self there more than enough times I lost count. I had to remember that my life was not my own, I had to remember that I gave my life away long time ago, when I excepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. The Lord knew what was best for me, He knew what I could take and could not take, it did not always feel good to me, yes I cried more than I could count… But weeping may endure for a night but Joy comes in the morning… I had to wait on my morning and in waiting I had to find the joy in knowing that I served a God who is more able and can do the impossible, especially when I could not even see my own way out!! Rejoice when your in this place in your life because your about to experience a moment with God that will change your out look on what ever you are dealing with. I don’t know who I posted this for I have a few people in my spirit as I hear the Holy Ghost speak to me, my brother my sister your God knows your hurting and His love is a balm to the wounded and broken area’s of your life, when you can’t speak a word and all you can do is let the tears fall down your face, He knows that language to. You stop letting the enemy lie to you and making you believe your alone, I am reminded of the story about the footprints in the sand… When things where good you saw to sets of footprints, but when things got bad and hard, there was only one set of footprints, this is where you may felt all alone, but no that is where He was the closes to you… It was there when He carried You!! Look up and know your more than a conqueror more than, you speak your way out!! Use your creative force to force your situation to change, watch your words. What are you saying over your self? Over your family over your health over your children over your finances? Don’t you allow your own words to give satan rule over you, he is a liar and always will be, stop sitting back and taking it, you cause that lying dog to raise up off you and all that concerns you… You hate him with every ounce of your being and feed him God’s word and watch him run like the coward he is! Rejoice Rejoice it’s truly a new Beginning for You!!!!🙏❤