To All My Friends new and old

The Reader

A Reader is a person just like you
but who sees things a bit differently
maybe somethings clearly-but sometimes not
Sometimes a glimpse into the heavens
Sometimes a glimpse into a soul.

A Reader is a person just like you
with hopes and dreams and a longing
to see the divine plan in all of life.
We open doorways into the souls of mankind
trying desperately to shine some light within.

A Reader is a person just like you
who is in awe of life and the beauty of it all
Yet we step inside darkness and empty souls
of darkened hearts who tasted pain and grief.
and try to remind them life is still good.

A Reader is someone who spends countless nights
listening to hearts, hopes and dreams
the fears, tears and forgotten desires of many
wanting to reach out and embrace the pains
but the pains are too great to carry them all.

A Reader is someone when feeling helpless
prays for guidance and wisdom divine
for we are but human beings-but given a Gift
for which we we pay a high price many nights
sitting alone listening to hearts speak.

A Reader is someone who wishes to touch
the heart and inside rekindle the fire
when hope and love seem nowhere in sight
to restore faith in love and life
to hear laughter and know joy is restored.

A Readers’ hope is to hear you laugh
to know a smile has replaced the fears
to know we’ve spoken the words we’ve received
from angelic realms where life is conceived
to relay words from the messenger divine.

Turning off the lights another night gone
A prayer on our lips is the Readers song
as we pray our work is not in vain
When prayers are whispered the work is done
For the Reader and Messenger now become one.


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