My Story Of God’s Love For Me

The Pearl of God’s Love For Me over Depression:

“Often people attempt to live their lives backwards: they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, love your self never try to be someone else. Never judge who you are by what you think makes you valuable, your valuable because God created you to be so, we are to concern about what others think about us, so we try to be what we are not, trying to walk in the shadow of others destroy’s the uniqueness of who you where created to share with others. God knew not to make no to people a like, if it was so there would be a world full of the same kind personalities, the same look, the same thinking, the same creativity, the only thing that we all must have is a relationship with The Lord and to love unconditional and be the greatest example of our Heavenly Fathers love and have compassion, and lead the lost to a true and living Savior that will wash away their sins and restore life in place of death.

I had to learn all this my self feeling like I had to be like what was excepted, being a woman who has no problem loving and excepting people for who they are. I was not given that same treatment in my earlier years of my life, I was over weight and it seem to be like a magnet to cruelty, and being made fun of it made me hate my self, I wanted to be what I thought was better,someone who did not have my problem. I am really being transparent here, I wanted to die. I was thrown into a terrible place of darkness. I could only think of if I end it I won’t have to be made fun of and I would not have to wear a false smile to cover up the real sad heart I was masking so deeply
Depression often distorts our feelings, especially feelings about ourselves. We tend to believe our negative feelings more than the positive truth of God’s Word because what we are feeling seems so real. Do you identify with any of these thoughts? Well in my head this was the conversation going on with depression which where my thoughts, and then Gods response to me.

When I say Jesus loves us He do!

Depression says: Nobody cares.
God says: I listen to you cry for help. I am concerned about you. Psalm 22:24, Exodus 4:31
Depression says: I feel so alone.
God says: I am with you. I will never abandon you. Psalm 9:10, Hebrews 13:5
Depression says: I am so worthless. I don’t deserve anything good in my life.
God says: I consider you most valuable. I am pleased to make you my own. You are precious in my sight. Matthew 6:26, Psalm 139:13-18
Depression says: No one understands.
God says: I knew you before I made you in your mother’s womb. I know you by name. I walk with you. I know your ways. Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139:2
Depression says: There is no hope.
God says: I am your hope. I rescue you. Psalm 39:7, 9:9-11, 37:23-24.
Consider this …
God’s promises are true. Meditate on them. Ask him to help you know and accept the truth instead of allowing your feelings to control you. Trust in his Word and his truth will set you free.
Father, I know that I sometimes allow my emotions and feelings to control me instead of relying on your promises and trusting in you. Help me focus on your truth … I know that is the only way to true freedom. Lord thank you for showing me through Your word how to respond when that spirit tries to come and reclaim that place that it use to occupy. Thank You for the Holy Spirit that is a revealer of the truth, and exposes the work of darkness, because you left us this mighty comforter that works in us as we yield our selves, we are never left with no defense and we are always ahead of the evil one. I acknowledge my times of unbelief and doubt in Your word, and I cancel that assignment sent by the enemy, for You Lord have never lied or failed me, and for this I give You all honor and Glory in Jesus name…..

I wanted to give you the reason why I likened this to be a (Pearl) of Gods Love for me!

First Def 1. A smooth, lustrous, variously colored deposit, chiefly calcium carbonate, formed around a grain of sand or other foreign matter in the shells of certain mollusks and valued as a (gem.)

2. One that is highly regarded for its (beauty) or (value.).

When your struggling with the spirit of Depression it lies and tells you, that your worthless and that you don’t matter and there is nothing special about You. Well the bible says we are Wonderfully made Gem. Perfectly made in Beauty and Value because of Jesus.

2 thoughts on “My Story Of God’s Love For Me

  1. Good morning I love the message right now is a trying time for me but Thank God I can call on him and he will here my cry.

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