We May Walk Together, But See Things Different

Three went for a walk together. One felt the warmth of the sunlight and saw how the breeze rustled the leaves of a tree. The second noticed how the trees gave cool and shade, while the third, that the tree was the home of many birds and insects. The first on seeing a dog wondered where it was going, the second looked about for the dog’s owner, the third pondered why the dog was limping. All went on the same walk, all perceived differently.
On another day the three walked the same route. Again each perceived in an alternative way as all was not the same.
So it is as we journey through life. We are allowed to see things from diverse points of view and we are permitted to alter our thoughts and feelings. As we travel, each is on a personal path, yet we are all on the same journey. I am not wearing your sandals and you are not wearing mine. I am, you are. All are individuals yet we are one. We are one on the journey from the beginning to the end. We have each chosen to observe individually and selected our own unique path.
Some say, “I have always been like this.” “I was born like this”. Others, “I am as I see” or “I am what I breathe”, “I am what I think”, “I am what I feel” I am what I eat.

My life has become what I have chosen it to be, when you come to realize we did not create our selves, but God created us to be like Him, when we learn to relinquish our thoughts and ways in God’s hands then we won’t fight to maintain who we are! Our journeys in the life may have started the same, but because we all have a unique design given by God we will gain different points of views and lessons.But there are people who believe that we will marvel at the majesty of the mountain of God’s truth more if we don’t try to climb it, but stay at a distance, leaving it in a cloud, hazy and indistinct. I don’t believe that. My life and ministry is built on the opposite conviction — that the fullness and clarity of the “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27) are a source of indomitable and exquisite joy, and passionate worship, and radical obedience, and biblical unity.
I was created — and so were you — to help people see and savor the glory of God. To that end I have devoted my life to spreading the truth that this happens when we ourselves are profoundly satisfied in God — especially in times of suffering. God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.

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